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we are an on-demand, actively-managed expert collective

from designers to data scientists, strategists to storytellers, innovators to implementers, we are supported by an ecosystem of over 200 hand-picked top freelance professionals, enabling an unparalleled access to specialized talent who, together, help our clients solve for their toughest business and marketing challenges

we are craftsmen and collaborators



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We believe that in today’s fast changing, fragmenting, financially constrained business environment that collaboration is the new competitive advantage. It’s not just what you know that matters, rather, it’s your ability to access the knowledge you need when you need it. And collaboration needs to be built on a bedrock of trust.

Our tribe is made up of over 200 trusted independent freelance professionals, with whom we've had an average of five years in-the-trenches working experience. Our team includes brand strategists, cultural anthropologists, business analysts, writers, data scientists, creative directors, designers, marketing executives and more. In partnership with our clients, we help define the challenges they face and then we cast, curate and actively manage the right team of specialists to activate the optimal solution while ensuring the best cultural fit. In a nutshell, our stealth model offers clients flexible access to specialized expertise, full transparency, efficient workflow and excellent value for their scarce marketing dollars.




// our collective

Our offering is driven by our core belief, which defines every decision we make: Today, more than ever, collaboration is the new competitive advantage. Our goal is to blend great strategy with powerful execution to transform the way our clients’ brands communicate and how their businesses are run. Our collective is comprised of proven individuals with whom we have established in-the-trenches working experience – leading to a high degree of trust and cultural fit from the start.


creative services

creative management
brand creative
art & copy
cross-channel campaign creative
brand identity development
data visualization
content development
French translation & regionalization


project management
full-scope design services: presentations, infographics, packaging, corporate design
photography and retouching
video production, editing and animation
community management
internal communications
media relations
event management
media buying




marketing strategy
industry & audience research
competitive market analysis
consumer insights
customer journey mapping
social and content strategy, planning and management
CRM strategy
analytics and measurement
workshop design and facilitation
media planning

digital execution

user experience & user interface design
rapid prototyping
user testing
front-end development
android & IOS app development
database design and optimization
marketing automation



// our clients


collective IQ teams are custom built for our clients’ needs, challenges and industry. And in this model, clients are a key part of our ‘collective’, as collaboration underpins not only how we work with each other, but how we work with our clients – to create the very best ideas that, in turn, drive meaningful business results.

Our clients include leading Fortune 500 Canadian and Global brands in professional services, consumer packaged goods, retail, financial services, healthcare, cannabis and alcohol beverage.



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